Trellising with SCROG netting, HORTOMALLAS the best solution.



Thanks to trellising with SCROGScreen of Green technique – we delicately force a plant that would grow vertically, on a single central stem, to grow horizontally, symmetrically on several branches. This is achieved by installing a Trellising net as a screen between the plants at their early stage of vegetation and the source of light. To prepare the plants to grow horizontally we recommended to divide the main stem in different branches using the “topping” technique. Thus the foliar growth available for photosynthesis is stimulated and enhanced. In parallel the lower branches are lifted. This procedure reduces the height of the plant and favors the horizontal development and a better exposition to the light. Trellising with Scrog is a tutoring system especially efficient when growers need to cultivate indoors, where space is limited. It allows to maximize the production per square meter, creating a perfect flowering cover, homogeneously exposed to the light source.

SCROG netting
Flower shoots starting to be trained with trellis netting very early on.

Thanks to trellising with SCROG the plant is tutored using the squared meshes. The plant grows upward through the mesh for a few centimeters and then it passes through again downward. The manual training is carried out until the state of fluorescence.
Trellising with SCROG not only supports the plant. It serves especially as a way to regularly organize the branches so that each new outbreak receives direct light and grows at the same height as the others. As a result the grower gets a higher and more uniform harvest.

Flowers and hemp plants are best produced when Trellising with SCROG net

support netting installed in plants
With the SCROG net helps to your crops, providing the best support for that them achieve a good growth.

Usually the lower leaves inevitably receive less light. The lower they are, the less they are exposed to light. Using the trellising with SCROG method more leaves can reach the same height of the net, as a consequence the outbreak of the lower buds is favored.

The branches tend to outgrow the mesh, growing towards the light. Thanks to the Scrog screen, each branch can occupy a frame. Once it grows about 5 cm more, the grower has to slowly and gently push the branch underneath the mesh toward the nearest frame.

trellising with SCROG netting
Flower support with trellis netting is similar to SCROG net.

This activity should be continued until covering about 60-80% of the trellis surface. For more growth control, the branches can be fixed by means of HORTOCLIP, plastic clips that are reusable after disinfection and easy to open and close.

Advantages of trellising with SCROG

MALLAJUANA is the ideal trellising net to be used as a screen in a SCROG tutoring system for plant training. Thanks to this system it is possible to maximize the yield of the crop in a limited area, using few plants. To give an example, 5 plants may fit in a square meter. Out ff these 5 plants an intense production can be obtained, without the need to maintain a superior number of plants with the relative management problems. Trellising with SCROG is cost-effective and maintenance-free, easy to apply, removable, reusable and easily storable.

support net installed on plants
With a Vertical support, avoid that prescence of the diseases or other damages.

In addition to promoting the horizontal development, it keeps the plants separate and ordered, allowing a good flow of air through the foliage. Adequate air circulation prevents diseases due to humidity, such as viruses and fungal infections

mallajuana logo
The MALLAJUANA trellis is the ideal trellis mesh for apply the SOG and SCROG.

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